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Our students work on many applied planning problems in the Atlanta region and throughout the state of Georgia. The following is a list of research with links to Georgia Tech’s Smartech website or files where the projects can be downloaded and viewed.

Award-Winning Student Research
  • "School Siting and Design" planning studio, led by professor Michael Elliott, recieved the 2015 Georgia Planning Association "Outstanding Student Project Award." Students:  Allison Bustin (MCRP '15), Brianna Rindge (MCRP '15); Lindsay Anderson (MCRP '15); Kirsten Cook (MCRP '15), Khaliff Davis (MCRP '15); Brian Mitchell (MCRP '15); Steve Monnier (MCRP '15); and Katie Perumbeti (MCRP '15)
  • "Tracking the Effects of Sea Level Rise in Georgia's Coastal Communities" planning studio received one of three national American Planning Association (APA) Student Project Awards and is a co-winner of the 2012 Georgia Planning Association's "Outstanding Student Project Award." Students: Gillam Campbell, Marvin Clermont, Kathy Colberg, Richelle Gosman, Anna Rose Harkness, Amy Hugens Moore, Paul Lorenc, Dzung Nguyen, Jennifer Yun, Joy Zhou, and Dana Habeeb (Co-instructor). Read the story.
  • "Northside Drive as a Multimodal Developmental Corridor: Transformation from Utilitarian Auto Route to Grand Transit Boulevard" planning studio is a co-winner of the 2012 Georgia Planning Association's "Outstanding Student Project Award." Students: Joel Anders, Tanya Bedward, Stefanie Brodie, Lauren Cardoni, Margaret Carragher, Rachel Cox, Aaron Gooze, Garrett Hyer, Amy Ingles, Lydia Kalinke, Josh Levin, Sarah McColley, Eric Phillips, Landon Reed, James Wong, and Wenwen Zhang. Advisor: Professor Mike DobbinsRead the story. Studio Website.
  • "Notes from the Field on NSP1 and NSP3: Policy Alternatives for Mitigating the Effects Foreclosed and Abandoned Properties on Neighborhoods" winner of the 2013 ACSP Edward McClure award. Student: Jesse Zaro-Moore, MCRP Class of '14. Advisor: Professor Dan Immergluck

  • "Northside Drive as a Multimodal Developmental Corridor: Transformation from Utilitarian Auto Route to Grand Transit Boulevard" voted 2013 "Best Vision for Atlanta's West Side" by the staff of Creative Loafing. Students: Joel Anders, Tanya Bedward, Stefanie Brodie, Lauren Cardoni, Margaret Carragher, Rachel Cox, Aaron Gooze, Garrett Hyer, Amy Ingles, Lydia Kalinke, Josh Levin, Sarah McColley, Eric Phillips, Landon Reed, James Wong, Wenwen Zhang. Advisor: Professor Mike Dobbins. Read the story.
  • "Artesano" received Honorable Mention in the 2012 Urban Land Institute (ULI) Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition with a redevelopment plan for a Houston Neighborhood. Students: Jessica Florez (MSUD), Ryan Hagerty (MCRP '12), Logan Tuura (M.Arch/MCRP), Christina Span (MCRP/MSPP), Audrey Plummer (M.Arch/MCRP). Advisor: Professor Ellen Dunham-Jones. Read the story.
  • "Action Plan for the Fort McPherson Community" received the National APA Student Project Award in 2012 and an Outstanding Student Project award from the Georgia Planning Association in 2011. Students: Rati Akash, Zachary Adriaenssens, Kia Ball, Leslie Caceda, Carlos Campo, Chris Faulkner, Carolyn Knabel, Jenna E. Lee, Moki Macías, Drew Murray, Susan Prater, Neela Ram, Ruma Ram, Andrea Rattray, and Stephanie Wansley. Advisor: Professor of the Practice Michael Dobbins. Read the story.
  • "Funding Supportive Housing in Georgia: Inspiration from Other States," winner of the 2010 ACSP Edward McClure award. Student: Troels Adrian (MCRP '10). Advisor: Professor Dan Immergluck
  • "Hacker-Spaces: User-Led Innovation and Economic Development," received honorable mention and a scholarship from the Economic Development Division of the American Planning Association in spring 2010. Student: Evan Robertson (MCRP '11). Advisor: Professor Nancey Green Leigh
  • "Re-Envisioning the Market," Honorable Mention in the 2010 ULI Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition. Georgia Tech & Emory joint project. Students: Renato F. Ghizoni, Arman L. Tolentino, Reginald Tabor, Alex Curlet, and Trenton Smith. Advisor: Professor of the Practice David Green
  • "The Stadium Neighborhoods Tad: An Urban Design Strategy for Stakeholder Decisions," an urban design studio completed in spring 2010 also received an Outstanding Student Project Award from the Georgia Planning Association. Students: Cassie Branum (MSUD & MCRP ’10), Jason Combs (MCRP & MSUD ’10), Dan Hawthorne (MARCH ‘10), Justin Chapman (MCRP ‘10) and three seniors: Hrach Burtoyan, Kristin Kellogg, and Taylor Smith (BS ARCH '10). Advisor: Professor Richard Dagenhart

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  • Alexander, F., Immergluck, D., Balthrop, K., Schaeffing, P., and Clark, J. (2012). Legislative responses to the foreclosure crisis in nonjudicial foreclosure states. Review of Banking and Financial Law.
  • Amekudzi, A., Smith, M., Brodie, S., Fischer, J. and Ross, C, Impacts of Environmental Justice on Transportation: Applying the Environmental Justice Maturity Model to Benchmark Progress. Transportation Research Record, Forthcoming, in press.
  • Barrella, E., Amekudzi, A., Meyer, M., Ross, C., and Turchetta, D. (2010). Best Practices and Common Approaches for Considering Sustainability at 9 U.S. State Departments of Transportation. Transportation Research Record, Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Issue Number: 2174, pp.10-18.
  • Breznitz, S., and Neela R. "Enhancing Economic Growth? University Technology Commercialization." Creating Competitiveness: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policies for Growth. Ed. David B. Audretsch and Mary L. Walshok. Northampton: Edward Elgar Limited, 2013. 88-115. Print.
  • Byun, M., Ko, J., Gim, T-H., Park, J-H., and Kim, D-J. (2013). 2012 Seoul Pedestrian Flow Survey: survey design and analysis. Seoul: Seoul Metropolitan Government. (In Korean)
  • Immergluck, D. and Jonathan Law. (2013). Speculating in crisis: the intrametropolitan geography of investing in foreclosed homes in Atlanta. Urban Georgraphy.
  • Ross, C. Leone de Nie, K., Dannenberg, A., Beck, L. F., Marcus, M. J., and Barringer, J. (2012). Health Impact Assessment of the Atlanta BeltLineAmerican Journal of Preventive Medicine. 42(3): 203-213. doi:10.1016/j.amepre.2011.10.019
  • Faga, B. and Etienne, H. (co-editors). Planning Atlanta: Ruins and Resurgence, Planners Press, Chicago, Scheduled to be published March 2014.
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  • Gim, T-H. (2012). A meta-analysis of the relationship between density and travel behavior. Transportation, 39(3): 491–519.
  • Gim, T.-H.(2012). A meta-analysis of the relationship between density and travel behavior.Transportation 39(3): 491-519.
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  • Gim, T.-H. (2011). Influences on trip frequency according to travel purposes: A structural equation modeling approach in Seoul, South KoreaEnvironment and Planning B, 38(3): 429–446.
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  • Ko, J., Gim, T-H., Park, J-H., and Kim, D-J. (2013). Monitoring the operation of electric taxis for people with disabilities. Seoul: Seoul Metropolitan Government. (In Korean)
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  • Lee, Y.S. and Immergluck, D. (2012) Explaining the pace of foreclosed home sales during the U.S. foreclosure crisis: evidence from AtlantaHousing Studies, 27(8), 1100-1123.
  • N.G. Leigh, T. Choi, T. & N.Z. Hoelzel. Sustainable Urban Industrial Systems: New Insights into Electronic Waste Recycling in Metropolitan Areas.  Journal of Industrial Ecology, in press.
  • N.G. Leigh & N.Z. Hoelzel (2012) Smart growth’s blind side: Sustainable cities need to protect productive urban industrial landJournal of the American Planning Association, 78(1), 87-103.
  • N.G. Leigh & N.Z. Hoelzel (2012) Atlanta: How to remake cities as places for 21st century manufacturingProgressive Planning, Winter (190), 35-39.
  • Pei, Y.L., Amekudzi, A., Meyer, M., Barrella, E.M., Ross, C. (2010). Performance Measurement Frameworks and the Development of Effective Sustainable Transport Strategies and Indicators. Transportation Research Record, Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Environmental and Economic Sustainability.
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  • Stone, B., Vargo, J., and Habeeb, D.. Managing Climate Change in Cities: Will Climate Action Plans Work? Landscape and Urban Planning, in press.
  • Wang, K., & Woo, M. (2012). Housing and Urban Policies in Response to Low Fertility Rate in the European Countries. A report to Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS), Kyunggi, South Korea.

Applied Research Papers

Applied research papers are completed by MCRP students as practice-oriented alternatives to theses. These papers utilize practice skills and draw conclusions related to professional planning practice. The following Applied Research Papers were recently completed. Links to papers are those available through Georgia Tech's SmarTech repository.

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