Applied Research Paper/Thesis

Students are expected to write either a thesis (CP 7000) or an applied research (option) paper (CP 7090). 

The thesis is an individual research project focused on a theoretical or practical subject with general applicability to the planning profession. 

An applied research paper is directed to specific projects or professional research, with an emphasis on applied planning practice. 

Previously completed theses and research papers have been published, circulated, and used by research and planning agencies. Many titles of theses and option papers produced in recent years are available here, by topic area:


Computer Information Systems

Real Estate Development Financial Feasibility Analysis: A Computerized Model Steven James Howard Dagenhart, Prof. Richard 1987
The Creation of a GIS for Georgia Tech Cletus Kus Drummond, Dr. William 1990
GIS in Transportation Planning: A Route Modeling Application for the 1996 Olympics Richard D. Crim   1991
The Application of A GIS to Olympic Organizing: Demonstration of an Olympic Parking GIS Barney Krucoff Drummond, Dr. William 1991
GIS and Human Services Planning: Teenage Pregnancy in DeKalb County, Georgia Colette Speakman   1992
A Geographic Information Systems - Production Attraction Module Chris N. Simons Ferguson, Dr. Eric T. 1993
Adoption of Computing Technology in the City of Atlanta Bureau of Planning: An Exploratory Case Study Xiaohui Wang French, Dr. Steven 1993
The Changing Role of GIS in Economic Development Jeff Milgroom French, Dr. Steven 1994
HUD Section 8 Spatial Research   Sawicki, Dr. David 1998
The Uses of GIS in the Planning and Management of Urban Parks and Open Spaces Nicholas Mantzaris French, Dr. Steven; Eplan, Prof. Leon S. 1998
A Procedure for the Calculation of an Index of Route Directness from Geocoded Travel Survey Data John Gauthier Frank, Dr. Lawrence; Washington, Dr. Simon 1999
A MapObjects application for Empowerment Zone Calculations Chris McGarry Drummond, Dr. William 2000
An Analysis of Potential Green Space Using GIS Directness from Geocoded Travel Survey Data Tony Giarrusso French, Dr. Steven 2000
Linking GIS with Transportation Modeling Robert W. Sills Drummond, Dr. William  
Knowledge-Based Expert Software: Integrating GIS With HDM-III Sanjay Grover    
Utilizing GIS in Local Economic Development Chris Tonkovic Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey  
The Language and Use of MapObjects in Urban Project Planning Peter Hansen    
LEASETEK (Computer Program for Analysis of Real Estate Leasing) Kevin McMeen   1991
Urban Activity Centers: GIS Analysis of Atlanta Metropolitan Regional Office Market Qing Lin French, Dr. Steven 2001
Estimating Impervious Surface Using Remote Sensing Wei Wang French, Dr. Steven 2002
National Wetlands Inventory (NWI): Toolkit for Arc GIS 8.x: A User's Manual Nishant Gumani Drummond, Dr. William; Guensler, Dr. Randall 2003
Neural Networks - A Data Mining Tool Mausam Duggal French, Dr. Steven 2003
Analysis of Digitized Building Footprints and Applications to Urban Planning David D. Emory French, Dr. Steven 2004
Using GIS in the Analysis of Land Use Suitability for Gwinnett County Gaoxiang Luo Drummond, Dr. William 2004
Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Planning Process Abbey Roberson Dobbins, Dr. Michael 2004
Northwest Atlanta Pilot Bus Service: An Automated Route Planning System Contente Terry French, Dr. Steven 2000

Economic development

A Study of Exactions and their Applicability in Georgia Christopher E. Edwards   1985
An Analysis of the Buckhead Growth Phenomenon and its Implications for the Future Scott Thomas Kendall   1986
Atlanta Goes Underground Aneli Nugteren   1986
An Assessment of the Establishment of the Community Improvement District in Atlanta Brandon Kwok-kin Young Debo; Dr. Thomas N. 1987
The Organization and Operation of Downtown Commercial Development Agencies in Medium and Small Size Cities James Arthur Grissett, III Sawicki, Dr. David 1987
Economic Analysis of the Speculative Industrial Building Program in Hall and Troup Counties Philip L. Cosson Nelson; Dr. Arthur C. 1988
Strategies for the Economic Revitalization of East Atlanta Fatima Al-Amin Taalib   1989
Economic Development Analysis of Decatur County Carroll "Bo" A. Reddic, IV Nelson, Dr. Arthur C. 1989
Industrial Location and Regional Development in the Light of the Theory of Space Syntax Marco Icardi Peponis, Dr. John 1989
Understanding the Significance of Developing the Means of Maintaining the Vitality of U.S. High Technology Production James Massouh Sawicki, Dr. David 1990
The Effects of Local Historic District Designation on Residential Property Values Kent E. Whitehead Nelson, Dr. Arthur C. 1992
Using Indicators of Technology and Innovation to Explain Variations in Annual Growth Rate Mark Randell Bryant Ferguson, Dr. Erik T. 1992
Enhancing Human Capital as a Means of Achieving Economic Development Objectives Shannon W. Powell Elliott, Dr. Michael 1992
Downtown Marietta Redevelopment Study Tommy Chang Nelson, Dr. Arthur C. 1993
Japanese local Economic Development and Industrial Restructuring Masao Maeoka Nelson, Dr. Arthur C.; Drummond, Dr. William 1993
Exurban Industrialization   Sawicki, Dr. David 1992
The Impacts of Walt Disney World's Hotel Construction on the Orlando Hotel Market Todd M. Noell Nelson, Dr. Arthur C. 1994
The Bell Bomber Plant and its Effects on the City of Marietta, GA Daryl Barksdale Sawicki, Dr. David 1994
Social Learning and Subemployment: A Case Study of the Central Area Job Placement Center Bruce Alan Burney Elliott, Dr. Michael 1994
A Critical Examination of the Relationship Between Employment Densities and Infrastructure Costs Chanya L. Tully Nelson, Dr. Arthur C. 1995
Fiscal Impacts of the Olympic Games: A Comparative Analysis of 1884 Los Angeles and 1996 Atlanta James A. Hayes Keating, Dr. Larry; French, Dr. Steven 1995
A Feasibility Study of Small Manufacturing Firm Networks in the Dalton-Whitfield County Area Tiffany Batson Shapira, Dr. Philip 1995
The Airline Industry and Hartsfield International Airport: An Evaluation Tracy D. Rye Shapira, Dr. Philip 1995
The Invisible Minority: A New Look at Poverty in America Harold Buckley, Jr. Keating, Dr. Larry 1995
Laying the Foundation for Dawsonville's Revitalization Plan David Allen, Frank Curti   1995
The Practice of Development Finance: Concept, Survey of Models, Opportunity in Atlanta Lisa A. Fleming   1995
Reynoldstown Community: An Assessment of Brownfields for Redevelopment Laura F. Beall, Heather H. Dyke Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey 1996
Urban Brownfield Redevelopment: The Downtown East Project of Athens, Georgia CP Studio Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey 1997
Vocational Education in Georgia: An Economic Development Role Andrea Cranford   1997
The Land of Cotton Mills: A Comprehensive Industry Analysis Sally Lichtenwalner Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey 1997
Cities and Professional Sports Stadia: Paying to Play Brian M. Schmitt Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey 1997
Panacea? or Fools' Gold? A Study of the Impact of a New Sports Arena in Downtown Atlanta David E. Versel Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey 1997
Fun to the Core: Retail, Entertainment and Downtown Redevelopment Chris Calvert Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey 1997
Alternative Forms of Financing for Minority Small Businesses Jaymar Galbraith Joseph French, Dr. Steven 1998
Business Parks as Inner City Economic Development Tools Lakey Broderius Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey 1998
Rio Mall: A Case Study in Commercial Revitalization Hilary Spann Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey 1998
The Center for Economic Development Service's Economic Development Course and the Graduate City Planning Program Hawa Meskinyar French, Dr. Steven 1998
Sectoral Development of the Software Industry in Georgia: Beyond the Urban Periphery Joy Wilkins Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey 1999
Mitigating Community Impacts in Airport Expansion Projects: A Case Study of Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport Amy Goodwin Keating, Dr. Larry 2000
Franchise Expansion as an Economic Development Tool Caroline Simpson Whaley Nelson, Dr. Arthur C. 2000
Downtown Little Rock's Waterfront Redevelopment: Sustaining Success Mary Margaret Stallings   2000
Biotechnology Resource Guide for Regional Economic Development Planners: A Sectoral Government Strategy Dana R. Johnson Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey 2000
A Call for Meaningful Public Participation in Brownfield Redevelopment Crystal Welsh Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey 2000
Southtowne/Stewart Avenue Community Economic Development Plan Andrea Meyers Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey  
City of Harira, Georgia - Inventory and Assessment Daniel Wagenmaker, James Hayes Nelson, Dr. Arthur C.  
Overview of the United States Army Corps of Engineers & Economic Evaluation of the Lake Hartwell Project J. Darlene Moore Nelson, Dr. Arthur C. 1999
Evaluating Tax Increment Financing Darnel Emir Barnes Nelson, Dr. Arthur C. 2000
A New Foundation for Urban Life: The Convergence of the Telecommunications Industry with Urban and Regional Planning Kevin Durbin Sawicki, Dr. David 2001
The United Kingdom Automotive Industry:  Economic Development Implications for Georgia Bret Marchant Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey 2002
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?  An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Aggressive Panhandling Ordinances in Select U.S. Cities  E. Megan Will Nelson, Dr. Arthur C. 2002
Financial Strategies: City of Cordele, Georgia Studio Nelson, Dr. Arthur C. 1999
Recycling and Economic Development: An Assessment of National Trends and Opportunities in Georgia Martin F. Rose   1999
A Retail Festival Center for Georgia Tech Studio Nelson, Dr. Arthur C. 1995
Georgia Tech Campus Village: Feasibility Study Studio Nelson, Dr. Arthur C. 1995
Analysis of the Community Reinvestment Act and Brownfield Reinvestment Robert Leibowitz   1999
Toward a Southern Black Belt Regional Commission: How National Policies Re-Create Lagging Regions Thomas J. Forrest Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey 2002
Microfinance: Opportunities and Threats in Economies Endangered by HIV and AIDS Amy Gore Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey 2003
Broadband as an Economic Development Tool Anna George Contant, Dr. Cheryl 2003
Race, New Urbanism, True Urbanism, and the Mall: Unplanning Lincoln Mall for Urban Succession Raushan Johnson Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey 2004
Casinos: History of Gambling in the U.S.: Range of Policy Issues and Methodology for Conducting an Economic Impact Analysis Robin W Bechtel   2004
The Arts and Inner-City Economic Development: Cincinnati's Arts and Cultural Development as a Facilitator of Over-the-Rhine Revitalization Amanda Rhein Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey 2004
Fort Valley Making Connections: Brownfields Studio Studio Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey; Skach, Prof. John; Dagenhart, Prof. Richard
Improving Education and Workforce Development Systems to Fit the New Economy: A Case Study of Georgia's Historically Textile-Dependent West Central Region Dana E. King Green Leigh, Dr. Nancey 2004

Environmental planning

Spatial Implication of Acid Rain Charles J. Mills Dr. C. Bragdon 1985
Open Space: The Planning and Implementation Process in Ten U.S. Cities Bob Citrano Dr. Michael Elliott 1989
A Reservoir Management Plan for Lake Nottely Solid Waste Management: Facility Siting Kip Strauss   1992
A Sensitivity Analysis of CDM's Watershed Management Model Scott D. Turner   1994
Waste Stream Processing for U.S. Naval Vessels Utilizing Plasma Arc Torch Pyrolysis Mark R. Hipp   1994
The Silent Hazard: A Report on the Effects of Environmental Lead Shannan M. Mullane Dr. Thomas N. Debo 1994
The Water Conflict - Cooperation or Confrontation: The Case of Palestine and Israel Emadeddin J. Fraitekh Dr. Michael Elliott 1994
A Spatial Distributional Analysis of Damage to Public Buildings and Infrastructure from the Loma Prieta Earthquake Jeffery M. Bowers   1994
A Comparative Analysis of Two States' Use of Negotiations and Mediation In Solid Waste Management Statutes Patricia L. Reynolds Dr. Michael Elliott 1995
Storm Water Management: A Comparison Study of Three Municipalities Anne M. Walker   1995
Vegetative Stream Buffers: Opportunities for Water Quality   Mikell Bennett Dr. William Drummond 1995
Environmental Justice Around the Issue of Hazardous Waste Eric W. Wilson   1995
Protecting Water Supply Watersheds: An Evaluation of Impervious Surface Area Reduction Regulations Melinda Lotz Dr. Thomas N. Debo 1995
Constructed Wetlands: An Alternative to Municipal Wastewater Treatment Nema M. Roman Dr. Thomas N. Debo  
The Green Infrastructure: Planning for Atlanta's Urban Forest Elizabeth Fraser Meyer Dr. Steven French 1995
Disaster Relief Assistance - Flood of 1994 Rodney R. Wadkins Dr. Steven French 1995
Unit Based Pricing: Charging for Garbage Collection in the Future Alex Goswami   1997
Surface Water Quality Through Local Impervious Surface Management and Integrated Conservation Design Wayne W. Hausser   1997
Watershed Protection Planning: A Model Watershed Protection District Marilyn P. Hall   1997
Industrial Ecology for Sustainable Communities Bryna Cosgriff Dunn Dr. Anne Steinemann 1998
Sustainability and the Georgia Tech Master Plan Dr. Anne Shepherd   1998
The Ecology of Local Land Development Practices: A Case Study of Durand Mill Subdivision Young Suh Dr. Thomas N. Debo 1999
An Analysis of the Federal Environmental Justice Policy Developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency Alison Nichols   2000
Preparing for a Renewably-Based Electricity Industry: An In-Depth Look at Georgia Janeane Gilbreath Dr. Anne Steinemann 2000
A Look at Georgia's Air Quality: The Pollutants, Sources, Effects and Regulations Zaffar Ahmad    
A Summary and Evaluation of Municipal Water Conservation Program Components Richard Earl Gillig    
Current Flood Management Practices: A Comparative Study of U.S.A. and Bangladesh Shakila Haque    
Assessing and Resolving Environmental Barriers to Redevelopment Rhonda Hise Dr. Nancey Green Leigh  
Flood Estimation Method: Regression Equation And Planning Application Sangmi Park    
How and Why Sustainability is Implemented:  A Case Study of Chattanooga, Tennessee Kelly Cooney Dr. Anne Steinemann 1997
Resource-Efficient Home Building: The Public Policy Implications for Georgia Dorita Lynn Herd Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1998
Assessing Environmental Justice: A Practical Guide for Agency Officials and Consultants Jillian Wootten Dr. Michael Elliot 2001
Stormwater Utilities: An Equitable and Efficient Management Technique Carrie Riordan Dr. Anne Steinemann 2001
Optimizing the Machine for Living: Domestic Water Use and the Residential Environment Tyler Frazier Dr. Michael Elliot 2001
Local Funding Alternatives for Acquisition of Greenspace: How Local Governments in Georgia Can Augment the Community Greenspace Trust Fund Bill Bruce Dr. William Drummond 2001
Porous Pavement Systems: Solutions to Atlanta's Stormwater Management David F. Schilling Dr. Cheryl Contant 2002
An Analysis of the Electronics Recycling Market Within the United States: What is Necessary for a Sustainable Future? Danielle A. Bower Dr. Nancey Green Leigh 2002
Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Small Island Developing States: Towards Environmental Management in Trinidad and Tobago Mikalla S. Rogers Dr. Michael Elliott 2003
Management Blueprints Project as a Collaborative Project Joanna N. Arthur    
The Importance of Green Space in Urban Areas Tahirah M. Elliott Dr. Nancey Green Leigh 1999
Assessing the Environmental and Human Health Impacts of Three Subdivision Types Jonathan S. Lewis Dr. Michael Elliott 2002
Sub-Watershed Assessments and Recommendations in the Middle Chattahoochee River Watershed: Roaring Branch/Lindsay Creek and Hodchodkee Creek Study Areas Studio Dr. Cheryl Contant 2001
Storm Water Management: State and Regional Model Ordinances Jamee L. Holt Dr. Steven French 2003
State Drought Plans in the United States: An Evaluation of Indicators and Triggers Luiz F. N. Cavalcanti Dr. Anne Steinemann 2004
Conserving Our Lands: Improving Georgia's Land Conservation Effort through Examples of Other States Preeya R. Philipp Dr. William Drummond 2004
The Environmental Impact of Urban Heliports and Helicopter Operations William J. Willkie Dr. Clifford R. Bragdon 1981

Historic preservation

Historic Preservation, History, and the African American: Discussion and Framework for Change Julius C. Washington Dr. Michael Elliott,
Dr. William Drummond
"Don't Tell Me What Color to Paint My House": A Case Study of Historic Preservation Efforts in Five Atlanta Neighborhoods Kevin E. Olinger Dr. Michael Elliott 1992
Adoptive-Reuse of Fire House #2 Yasser G. Aref   1994
The Poinsett Hotel: A Case Study of Historic Preservation and Economic Development Laura Thompson   1997
The Government and Historic Preservation Rehabilitation: Two Georgia Case Studies Sharon Whyte    
Preservation Planning In Georgia: An Analysis of the Current State of Preservation Planning in Georgia as Brought About by the Georgia Planning Act of 1989. Scott Alan Banks Dr. Larry Keating 1995
Atlanta's Antebellum History: Is It Gone With the Wind? Tameka Wimberly Dr. Larry Keating 2002


Savannah's Victorian District: A Ten Year Evaluation of Neighborhood Revitalization Charles Thaddeus Crowe   1987
Gentrification in the Victorian District of Savannah David Favour Dr. Larry Keating 1987
Suburban Activity Centers: A North Atlanta Case Study Thomas R. Tempia Dr. Larry Keating 1988
Housing Integration Programs: Problems and Policies Mary Nancy Sulmers   1988
Analysis and Recommendations for Elderly Housing in Atlanta Adelaide Weston Hall   1988
Homelessness in Atlanta: Description, Responses and Recommendations Karen Ogle   1988
The Linkage Concept: An Overview with a Focus on Feasibility for the Atlanta Area. Stanley M. Goldsboro, Jr. Dr. Larry Keating 1988
Low End Weekly Rentals: Supply and Demand Factors L. Cameron Bennett Dr. Larry Keating 1988
Housing Policy in Korea and America: The Development and Future Direction Nan-Hee C. Ro Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1990
Underwriting Procedures for Multi-Family Properties: A Guide for Georgia Municipalities. Lynn Brockwell-Carey Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1993
Analysis of Public Incentives for Affordable Housing Elon J. Metoyer Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1993
East Lake Meadows Needs Assessment Grad Program in CP/CDC, Atlanta Dr. Larry Keating, Prof. Max Creighton 1993
Downtown Housing Study   Prof. Leon S. Eplan, Prof. Gregg Logan 1993
Public Housing and Context Stephanie Schechter Prof. Richard Dagenhart 1994
CDBG Budgeting and Spending for Housing in the City of Atlanta 1994-1996 Anne E. Dunning, Jaymar Joseph, Goro Mitchell Dr. Larry Keating 1998
Population Characteristics of Households in the City of Atlanta: A Public Use Microsample Data Analysis Jennifer Paige Carman Dr. Larry Keating 1995
English Avenue Neighborhood Redevelopment: English Avenue Tackles Tax Delinquent Parcels for Redevelopment Efforts Malcolm Jefferson Dr. Larry Keating 1995
Public Housing in Urban America Bernita Dona Smith   1995
Georgia Tech's Olympic Housing: The Decisions, Costs and Effects of Georgia Tech's New Residential Facilities and the Students Who Make Them Doug Kangur   1995
The Application and Utility of Change in Housing Sales Prices as a Short Term Surrogate in Determining Neighborhood Stability Patterns for Atlanta, Georgia N. Thomas Coats Dr. Larry Keating 1996
Self Help Housing in Developing Countries Hawa Meskinyar   1998
Public/Private Housing Partnerships: An Examination of the Affordable Housing Delivery System in the City of Atlanta Angela D. Gravely    
1989 Housing Needs - State of Georgia Center for Planning and Development Dr. Larry Keating, Brian Renner  
Crime In Our Urban Centers: A Function of Low Government Spending on Education and Community Development, or Just Bad Policy?  Sheraunda A. Jordan Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1995
Bringing Policy Into Focus: Affordable Housing & the Localization of Policy Adam Hazell Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1996
Downtown Housing: Creating and Maintaining Mixed-Income Populations Kathy Tullos Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 2000
Over-the-Rhine Neighborhood and Abandoned Property Assessment Kyethea Eyvonne Kirk Dr. Nancey Green Leigh 2002
Midtown Atlanta Housing Analysis: Rental Supply Market Analysis Ellen Pratt Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 2002
Jobs-Housing Imbalance in Atlanta: Regional Consequences and Solutions Studio Dr. David Sawicki 1998
South Rome: A Housing and Policy Analysis Studio   2002
Residential Construction and Remodeling to Implement Healthy Home Principles Stacey Jordan Dr. Anne Steinemann 2004
Second-Generation LIHTC Opt-Out Analysis: An Analysis of and Disposition Strategy for Georgia's Low Income Housing Tax Credit Portfolio (Developments Placed-in-Service between 1990 to 1995) Darice Nicole Fichter Dr. Larry Keating 2004
Row House Perspective: Atlanta and Washington D.C. Kris Michael Nikfar   2004
Schools and Housing Activity: The Influence of "Good" Schools on Housing Activity in Cobb County, Georgia Zarinah S. Boykin Dr. David Sawicki 2004
Gentrification in the Victorian District, A Continuing Study into the Changing Face of Savannah 1970-2000 Laurie Herrin deVegter Dr. Larry Keating 2004

Land development

The Prestige of Peachtree Street: History and Theory Brian Renner Dr. Larry Keating 1987
An Assessment of the West End Commercial District Frank Warren Dr. Larry Keating 1987
Historic Districts as a Tool for Commercial Revitalization Janice Talley Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1989
Cost Allocation in Multi-Use and Multi-Phase Land Development Mohd. Alzuffri Abdul Hamid Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1989
Japanese Real Estate Investments in Atlanta Shigeo Ogawa   1990
An Assessment of the Development Impact of Underground Atlanta Lois Stanley    
The Historic Biltmore Hotel - Possibilities of Rehabilitation: A Market and Cash Flow Analysis Including Public Policy Options Daniel S. Wagenmaker Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1994
Westside Tax Allocation District Analysis Charles Young   2000
Downtown Rochester Housing Strategy Jonathan O'Brien Murray Dr. Larry Keating 2000
Retail Development in Inner City Neighborhoods: The Case Study of Development Potential in Reynoldstown, Atlanta, Georgia Sidney E. Douse III   2000
An Exercise in Subdivision Data Gathering in Gwinnett County, with Commentary on the Effect Small-Area Data Gathering May Have on the Future of Automobile-Oriented Subdivisions James Pugsley Dr. Nancey Green Leigh 2000
An Assessment of the Feasibility of Using Tax Exempt Bond Financing for Multifamily Rental Housing in Georgia Dr. Larry Keating    
Institutional Barriers for Urban Redevelopment: A Comparison Study of Georgia's and Missouri's Policies and Process of Implementation Laura F. Beall Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1996
Redeveloping Brownfields - The Atlantic Steel Project as a Case Study: Infill Development Opportunities for the City of Atlanta Melanie Arnette Taylor Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1999
A Critique of the 2000 Cherokee County Impact Fee Program Bill Ross III Dr. Stephen French 2000
Land Value Taxation Christina Walker Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 2001
Reconsidering a Suburban Retail Model Within an Urban Context Travis Campbell Dr. Larry Keating 2003
The Public Role in Private Real Estate Markets: Tools to Facilitate the Redevelopment of Urban Areas Laura L. Davis Arthur C. Nelson 2003
Applicability of Low Impact Development in the Urban Environment Cassie A. Gorman Cheryl Contant 2003
Intelligent Density at Georgia Tech Lauren Robb (Jaynes) Dr. William Drummond 2004
From Urban Nowhere Zones to Everyday Neighborhoods: The Opportunity of City City Hall East. A Framework for Building Everyday Neighborhoods Studio Dr. Nancey Green Leigh, Dr. Catherine L. Ross 2004
Immigrant Resistance: The Ethnic Occupation of Everyday Space Drew Kane Dr. Michael Dobbins 2004
The Proposed Centennial Park at Techwood Park   Dr. Larry Keating 1994
Impact of the Centennial Park on Existing Businesses Zewdie Bekele Dr. Larry Keating 1994

Land use

Energy Efficient Land Use: Conservation and Conventional Devices Peter Mallory Prof. Roger Rupnow 1984
Aspects of State Planning: Considerations in Georgia's Evolving Planning Program Paul Angelo Vogt   1987
Strategic Planning and the Public Sector Patricia Sikowski Dr. Thomas N. Debo 1988
The Not-So-Quiet Revolution in State Land Use Planning William E. Molnar   1990
Governing the Atlanta Region Constance Callahan Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1993
Planning for Public Art Amy J. Newcomb Dr. Steven French 1993
City of Dacula: A Case Study of 1993-2013 Comprehensive Plan Steven W. Sappington   1993
Road Development Impact Fee Technical Report: DeKalb County, Georgia CP Program Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1993
Impact Fee Study: City of Atlanta, Georgia Dr. Arthur C. Nelson   1993
Takings Legislation and the Private Property Rights Movement Gregory R. Tan   1995
The Outer Loop: Land Use Implications in Forsyth County Eric Linton Dr. Larry Keating 1995
Bartow County: Growth Management Issues & Strategies Jamon Harris Dr. Larry Keating 2000
Infrastructure Impact Difference Between Current Zoning and Future Land Use for Unincorporated North Fulton Hyun Hee Kwak Dr. Steven French  
Density and Income: Their Effects on Local Government Expenditures and Revenues from Residential Development Beth Radke Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1993
A Critical Examination of the Relationship Between Employment Densities and Infrastructure Costs Chanya L. Tully Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1995
A Case Study of the Correlation of Income and Land Use Patterns Karen L. Scott Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1996
An Evaluation of the Success of Oregon's Growth Management Program: A Case Study of Development Patterns in Salem, Oregon and Macon, Georgia 1970-1990 David R. Peterman Dr. David Sawicki 1996
Telecom Hotels: Unique Accommodations; Recommendations for the Land Use Planning Process Claudia B. Martin Dr. William Drummond 2001
Livable Centers Initiative: Creating a Regional Plan for Georgia Trupti Kalabag Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 2002
Livable Centers Initiative: Is Utopia Possible in Atlanta Kristine Hansen Dr. Steven French 2002
The Role of Regional Partnering in Smart Growth Enablement Organizations William James Dunkley Dr. Lawrence Frank 2002
Oxford, Mississippi: Town Planning Guide, An Exercise in Reflective Planning     1999
The City of Hahira Comprehensive Plan: A 21st Century Vision      
City of Hahira, Georgia: Inventory and Investment Daniel Wagenmaker, James Hayes Dr. Arthur C. Nelson  
City of Hahira, Georgia: Traditional Town Comprehensive Plan Studio Dr. Arthur C. Nelson, Prof. Richard Dagenhart 1994
The Physical Boundaries of the Saudi Cities Musaad Abdullah Almosaind Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1988
Towards a Set of Development Measures: Case Studies on Decatur and Lawrenceville Mary Jane C. Lim Dr. David Sawicki, Dr. Michael Meyer  
Planning and Land Use Controls for Wireless Communications Towers in Athens, GA Studio Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1996
Livable Centers Initiative Evaluation Jia Li Dr. Michael Dobbins 2004
Public Participation Methods in Atlanta's Livable Centers Initiatives Adella E. Weber   2004
Principle Constitutional Concerns of Governmental Land Use Controls: The Intersection of Law and Planning Amelia T. Phillips, Esq. Dr. Cheryl Contant 2004


Section 4(f) of the Department of Transportation Act of 1966 as it Relates to the Federal-Aid Highway Program Toni Dunagan Gardner Dr. David Sawicki 1984
A Summary and Evaluation of Future Travel Demand Models C. K. Fu Dr. David Sawicki 1988
A Study for a Transportation Systems Management Program for Employees of the City of Atlanta Thomas Buffkin Dr. Michael Elliott 1988
Comparative Analysis of Air Transportation in Atlanta & Selected other Southeastern Metropolitan Areas Tina Sau-Lan Fu Dr. Erik T. Ferguson 1991
The Kennedy Parkway and Road Way System: A Study of the Alternatives Adam Kreissman   1992
A National Survey of State Bicycle Planning Programs Dawn M. Inglis Dr. Erik T. Ferguson 1992
Transportation Management Associations in the United States Dr. Eric T. Ferguson, Dr. Catherine L. Ross, Dr. Michael Meyer   1992
Cobb County, Georgia Transportation Facility Impact Fee Feasibility Study CP Program Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1993
Planning and Design Issues of Suburban Rail Stations Masayuki Hiramatsu Dr. Michael Elliott 1993
Choosing Among Transit Alternatives: The Role of AGT Erica Tiffany   1993
Transportation/Air Quality Planning: An Examination of How Ozone Effects the Transportation Provisions Throughout America Karen L. Hall Dr. Thomas N. Debo 1993
System Wide Transit Service Evaluation Using Census Data and GIS Troy P. Russ Dr. Erik T. Ferguson 1993
Establishing a Transit Performance Monitoring and Reporting System for MARTA Shawn Preston Dikes   1994
The  Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990:  Applications to Transportation Facilities Matthew S. Taylor   1994
Optimization of the Arterial Level of Service through Traffic Signal Timing: The Freedom Parkway Project Jeffrey H. Kramer Dr. Erik T. Ferguson 1994
Dimensions of Transportation Demand Management: A Factor Analysis and Evaluation of Transportation Management Associations in the USA Timothy S. Chapin Dr. Erik T. Ferguson 1994
ISTEA Legislation and the Extent to which MPO's are Utilizing it?s Funding Harry Boxler   1996
Ivory Towers, Sunshine or Asphalt? An Examination of the Factors which Influence Bicycle Ridership David P. Allen Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1996
Re-Creating Community with Light Rail Transit Frank Jaskiewicz Dr. Catherine L. Ross 1997
Land Use and Transportation in the Atlanta Region Steven Pejza Dr. Steven French 1998
Mobility and Accessibility in Mixed Use Downtowns: Analysis of One-Way Street Conversion to Two-Way Operation Jonathan W. Hoffman Dr. Peter Parsonson, Dr. Catherine L. Ross 1999
Analysis of a Proposed Light Rail Transit System in Cobb County, Georgia Stephen J. Cote Dr. Michael Meyer, Dr. Cheryl Contant 2000
Related Development as a Means for Locating Rapid Transit Stations Patrice H. Hudson    
Techniques to Stimulate and Concentrate High-Density Development around Transit Stations Zullfakher Mohd Toon Dr. David Sawicki 1988
Perimeter Center - Life on the New Frontier of Atlanta's Premier Edge City at the Turn of the Century: Transportation Management Plan and Design for Improved Pedestrian Infrastructure Virginia Smithwick Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1996
Debunking Transit in a Historical Context: The Atlanta Case Paul Grether Dr. Catherine L. Ross 2004
Improving In-Use Vehicle Testing in Mexico: A Case Study Approach Robyn Hartz Dr. Michael Elliot 2001
Roundabouts: An Intersection Alternative Rebekah Morrison Dr. Anne Steinemann 2001
An Evaluation of Population, Employment, and Development Trends Near MARTA Heavy Rail Stations Using Census Data, Atlanta Regional Commission Estimates and GIS Edward Paul Hicks Dr. Steven French 2002
Implementation of Bus Rapid Transit in Atlanta Chip Burger Dr. Steven French 2003
Transit Oriented Developments: Is Atlanta Ready? Jean Hee Park Dr. Steven French 2003
Measuring the Pedestrian Environment: Physical Attributes Thought to Influence Pedestrian Behavior in Urban Areas Oliver Obregon Hartleben Dr. Michael Dobbins 2003
Atlanta's Transit Villages: Fact, Fiction, Future David Cassell   2003
Traffic Calming for Decatur Thoroughfares: Policy Considerations for Citizens and Officials Eric Sundquist Dr. Michael Elliott 2004
Urbanizing a Freeway Corridor - A Network Approach: Case of the I-385 Freeway Spur - Greenville, South Carolina Avanish Pendharkar Dr. Michael Dobbins 2004
The Northwest Passage: An Off-Model Re-Evaluation of Northwest Corridor Alternatives Jason S. Morgan Dr. Catherine L. Ross 2004

Urban design

The Place for Highrise Housing in Metropolitan Atlanta Alan M. Pinsker Prof. Randal Roark 1986
The Omni Complex: Great Expectations Jeffrey Rader   1986
Image and Meaning of an Urban Neighborhood Marguerite Feuersanger Dr. Michael Elliott 1988
Assessments of the Needs and Recommendations for the Improvement of the Quality of Life of Mobility Impaired People Living Independently in Fulton and South Dekalb Counties in Atlanta Humaira Yamin Dr. Michael Elliott 1988
Urban Design and Implementation Plan for Southern Central Business District Atlanta, Georgia Fernando Favela Fierro Dr. Michael Elliott 1990
The Urban Village and the Urban Neighborhood: Impact on Perception of Neighborhoods in the Buckhead Area Gordon H. Merklein Dr. Michael Elliott 1991
Urban Design Development Plan for Ponce De Leon Avenue Atlanta, Georgia Juan C. Justiniano Molina Dr. Michael L. Elliott, Prof. Leon S. Eplan 1992
A Summary of the Marietta Street Arts and Heritage Program and an Evaluation of the Implementation Alternatives Douglas H. R. Young Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1994
Case Studies of Pedestrian Skyway Networks Nigel J. Head Dr. Arthur C. Nelson 1994
The Harira Town Plan CP Studio Dr. Arthur C. Nelson, Prof. Richard Dagenhart 1996
Midtown Pedestrianization Study Community Problems Studio Dr. Steven French, Dr. Michael Elliott, Randy Peterman 1997
Blueprint Midtown Study - The Urban Dynamism of Midtown Atlanta: A Development History - 1975 Through 1996 CP Dept: Midtown Alliance Community Problem Studio. Dr. Steven French, Dr. Michael L. Elliott, Randy Peterman 1997
A Comparison of Urban Form in Atlanta & Portland Philip Harris Prof. Richard Dagenhart 1998
Design Proposal and Pedestrian Demand Analysis for the Planned Buckhead MARTA Station Access Bridge Nathan R. Conable Dr. Larry Frank, Dr. Peter Parsonson 1999
Supermarkets as Neighborhood Centers: An Urban Design Approach Michael S. DiGeronimo Dr. Cheryl Contant, Prof. Richard Dagenhart 1999
The Concept of a Place in a Supermodern World: Designing for the Modern Bedouin Rajiv Wanasundera Dr. Michael Elliott 2000
Midtown Public Spaces Program Alan K. Steinbeck   2000
Peachtree Renaissance Arts District Martha Reimann Dr. Michael Elliott  
Building a Better Peachtree: A Spatially Based Policy Analysis of Financing Peachtree Street Design Improvements Michael James Skowronek Dr. Arthur C. Nelson, Dr. William Drummond  
An Analysis of Building Types for Seismic Rehabilitation Within the Mid-America Region Stephanie O'Hara Dr. Stephen French 2001
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