Master of Science in Geographic Information Science and Technology


The Georgia Tech School of City and Regional Planning now offers a professional masters degree in the rapidly growing field of geospatial technologies: the Master of Science in Geographic Information Science and Technology (MS-GIST).  Geographic Information Science (GIS) is an emerging field of study centered on the acquisition, management, analysis, and dissemination of information that is spatially-referenced to locations on, above, and below the surface of the earth.  This field is highly transdisciplinary with substantial and growing importance in a number of traditional academic disciplines and related professions including city and regional planning, architecture, civil and environmental engineering, earth and atmospheric sciences, environmental science, demography, logistics, management, public policy and sustainability studies.

Students can complete the 34 credit-hour curriculum in one calendar year including two semesters of full-time coursework and a capstone project course offered during the summer.  Part-time students may complete the program in two or three academic years plus one summer session for the capstone project course.

The MS-GIST degree provides students with a common core of required knowledge, a strong foundation of technology skills, and the flexibility to apply those skills to a broad range of professional and academic fields.  Many of the GIST graduates will continue to view themselves as members of traditional professions such as engineering, environmental science, or architecture, but many others will place themselves within the newly-emerging professions directly related to geospatial technologies.

The MS-GIST committee does not apply a strict admission formula but considers the full range of information included in program applications.  However, as a general guideline the minimum expected GRE scores for admission are 150 for Verbal Reasoning, 148 for Quantitative Reasoning, and 3.5 Analytical Writing. The MS-GIST program has two deadlines.  To be considered for merit-based departmental aid, such as fellowships and GRAs applications must be submitted in full by January 15th.  All other applications should be submitted by March 15th.  Additional frequently asked questions and answers regarding master’s degree admissions can be found here. PLEASE NOTE: The MS/GIST deadline has been extended to May 31st

Information on the financial cost of the program is available from the Georgia Tech bursar’s office at Note that the MS-GIST has a separate listing from other Georgia Tech graduate programs.

If you’d like more detailed information about the program, you can download the full MS-GIST Student Manual.

For general information about the MS-GIST degree program or curriculum, please contact Bill Drummond at or 404-894-9840. For details about the admission process and status of an application, contact Katrina Patton at or 404-894-2353.

For additional information, please read the University-wide Graduate Studies handbook